As you would already know if you follow us on Instagram, we recently teamed up with French’s UK to find the best burgers in all of London! After 7 days of hard work (and countless calories), here’s our summary of Burger Week: 

Day 1: The Domo Burger at Honkey Tonk

We had the absolutely massive Domo burger (6-inch bacon and cheese burger), created in honour of the Super Bowl and available for a limited time only. 

The Super Bowl was showing at a big screen (although we were more interested in the food...) and the atmosphere was great! 

Day 2: The Bleecker Black at Bleecker St Burger

Of course we had to feature our long-time favourite Bleecker St! This time we went for the Bleecker Black - a double patty cheese burger with black pudding (and a generous serving of French's Mustard). All their burgers are served medium rare and literally melt in your mouth. 

Day 3: The Smokey Robinson at Patty & Bun

After talking about going here for over a year, Burger Week was a great excuse to finally visit Patty & Bun! And the Smokey Robinson did not disappoint - beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey p&b mayo in a glazed brioche bun. 

Nom nom nom

Day 4: The Cheese Boom at Boom Burger

Boom Burger, located on Portobello Road, is a nice little Jamaican burger joint with a great vibe and fitting music. We got the Cheese Boom burger which was super tasty and cheesy to say the least. The fries are also a must!


Day 5: The Dead Hippie at MEAT Liquor

In time for our Burger competition, we visited MEAT Liquor to try their burgers and give away a free one to one lucky Instagram follower (check out the competition here). Don't miss their special "Dead Hippie Burger" with 2 X French's Mustard-fried beef patties with the special "dead hippie" sauce.

We visited the new Upper Street location, which was once an old Citroen garage, with graffiti on the walls and a super industrial feel to it. 

Day 6: The Tribute Burger at Honest Burger

Honest Burger is a classic burger spot that we keep coming back to. Bacon, cheese, onions, pickles and French's Mustard - what's not to love?! 

All burgers are served with rosemary fries (amazing!) and, if you're still hungry, make sure to order their spicy chicken wings as well!

Day 7: The Dip & Flip Burger at Dip & Flip

For the final burger we went all out with this special cheeseburger with slices of roast beef that you dip in gravy! If you haven't tried it yet, get down to Dip & Flip in Battersea immediately - there's really nothing like it. It may sound like a strange concept but it tastes amazing - might just be our favourite..! 

And don't forget the French's mustard!!

Which burger is  your favourite? Leave a comment below!