We were invited down to the new liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour Four Winters on Gloucester Road recently for a day of ice cream making and tasting!

They have a huge range of liquid bases, toppings and add-ins that you can pick from to create your own flavour.

We chose to use cookie dough with crushed lotus biscuits, chocolate crunchies, roasted marshmallows and chocolate sauce. Now here comes the fun part - watching them freeze your mixture into ice cream using liquid nitrogen at -196°C right before your eyes! This ensures that the ice cream turns out as smooth as possible. To watch the process in motion check out our video.

And here is the fabulous finished product which we shall call “the LFB”. Absolutely delicious if we may say so ourselves! ;)

We were then introduced to their delicious new autumn flavour menu - and tried all four of course! This season’s menu includes Pumpkin Harvest, S’mores, Green Apple-Pear Sorbet and Candied Sweet Potato. 

The Pumpkin Harvest (above left) is made with pumpkin, brown sugar and spice and topped with maple syrup and crushed lotus biscuits – the perfect autumn flavour! The S’mores flavour (above right) is made up from a cinnamon and brown sugar base with roasted marshmallows and homemade graham crackers – absolutely delish.

Above left you see the Candied Sweet Potato option, which is sweet potato mixed with cinnamon and sugar topped with roasted marshmallows. Lastly, one we particularly enjoyed, is the green apple and pear flavour which is more like a sorbet and comes topped with cranberries – yum!

And the fun didn’t stop here… Since you can choose your own flavours to create milkshakes we just had to try some! We picked the peanut butter cup flavour and the blueberry parfait from their all year round fusion menu.

We would definitely recommend this place for the special experience of ice cream making but also for the incredibly unique flavours! Make sure you follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with their new seasonal flavours.

LFB, xx